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Since 2005 ILFS has helped firms in over 100 jurisdictions develop their international business.

Many of our clients see us as trusted advisor and turn to us to provide strategic advice and support to help them successfully raise their firm’s international profile and gain competitive advantage. We speak to, and exchange emails with, firms about these issues every working day and we have discussed, researched and assisted firms on just about every initiative of this type that there is.

Our Strategic Support & Helpdesk service is an added value service at no additional cost for all clients that retain us for both our Legal Directory and International Business Builder solutions. It is also available to other clients for an annual retainer fee.

If you have a question about the development of your international business there is a very good chance that we will have been asked, and possibly researched it, before. Accordingly, we can provide you with both a factual answer to the question and a practical insight into the related strategic issues. We frequently act as a sounding board for clients on ideas and initiatives that they have to grow their practice, such as whether a development in the law will be of interest to an international audience and, if so, how it can be leveraged to grow their international business.

We can provide answers to the vast majority of these questions in less than 45 minutes and these are included as part of the service. Quotes will be given for answering any questions that are more in-depth and may require us to undertake specific research in order to deliver a comprehensive answer. However, you will never be charged unless a fee has been clearly agreed in advance.

Questions that we have been asked as part of the service are very wide ranging. However, here are just a few examples:

Strategy & Business Development Planning

  1. We are updating our international business development plans for next year. Can we give you a call and talk it through with you?
  2. We have identified a specific opportunity for growing our international practice. What do you think of it and how can we make it work?

Relationship Building Programs/Roadshows

  1. We are looking for a law firm in a jurisdiction that we have not worked before. Do you know anyone that we can use?
  2. We are making a pitch to a global company. Do you have any contacts there?
  3. I am coming to London/Paris/New York/other major city on a client matter but have a couple of spare slots. Is there anyone that you can suggest that we could meet?

Networks & Associations

  1. We have been approached by an international network/association, should we join it?
  2. Should joining a network form part of our strategy?
  3. We have joined a network and don’t seem to be getting much out of it. What should we do?

Conferences/Media Products

  1. We buy a number of media products/attend a number of conferences but don’t feel we get much value from them. How can we get a better return on our investment?
  2. We have been offered an “unmissable” chance to attend a conference/buy a media product (e.g. a profile in a directory/write a chapter in a guide etc.). Should we attend/ buy it?
  3. We are thinking of attending INTA/ the IBA annual meeting. Should we do so and how can we get the most out of it?

Content & Distribution

  1. We regularly produce newsletters, but don’t seem to get any leads or work out of them. What are we doing wrong?
  2. We are conscious of the increasing importance of social media, but have never found the time to develop a strategy. We know it is important but we are also concerned that it can be very time consuming. Where do we start?


  1. We have been told that we have won an award in a publication that we didn’t know existed. Is there any value to it?
  2. We have entered a submission for a particular award for the last 5 years and don’t understand why we haven’t won it. Can you help us improve our chances?

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