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Directory Rankings – Establish Your Credibility


Law firms all over the world make submissions to the key Legal Directories in order to boost their market credibility, attract new business, illustrate the breadth and depth of their skill set, and support the recruitment of talent.

However, compiling, coordinating and submitting Legal Directory entries can be a very time consuming, confusing and ultimately unsatisfactory process. All too often a lack of in-house resource and/or experience means key information is not prepared, presented or submitted in the correct format, leading to missed opportunities for recognition and disappointing rankings.

See our short video on why many law firms get disappointing results in Legal Directories.

This is where we can help. 

Since 2005, the team at International Law Firm Solutions (ILFS) has provided its Legal Directory Solution to law firms in over 100 jurisdictions, helping them achieve the recognition they deserve and showcasing where they excel.

Our Legal Directory Solution helps law firms and their lawyers maximise their rankings in Legal Directories such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and IFLR 1000. Our experienced team can prepare your Legal Directory submissions, analysing, reviewing, tailoring and preparing your content to give you the greatest chance of improving your rankings. We also manage the administration of the submission process thereby reducing the time spent by firms and their lawyers on Directory submission activities.

Legal Directories are important for any law firm that wants to build an international practice, as they provide independent endorsement and instil confidence in a law firm’s specialist skills. Legal Directories are widely used including in the following ways:

  • In-house counsel and international law firms want to know who is regarded as the best choice in a field of competent professionals in a specific jurisdiction and which is the right firm for a particular job
  • Clients are reassured that they are being advised by a law firm judged independently to be among the leaders in its field
  • Legal Directory rankings are very persuasive when firms are looking to recruit talented lawyers who in turn want to make sure their prospective employer can provide them with the quality of work that they are looking for.

What Our Legal Directory Solution Provides

We will always endeavour to adapt our service to meet a client’s needs, however, for most clients, our Legal Directory Solution includes:

  • Advising on the most effective Legal Directory submissions strategy for your law firm
  • Monitoring the Legal Directory research deadlines to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities and so that the submission process runs smoothly
  • Preparing submissions and advising on where they can be improved including by providing compelling work highlights that reflect your law firm’s achievements and specialisms.
  • Filing submissions with the various Directories in the format they require. An increasing number of Directories require the information uploading line by line (Legal 500 are introducing this in 2018). This is time-consuming, and by undertaking the uploading of the online submissions for our clients, we effectively reduce the time spent on this part of the submission process.
  • Liaising with the Legal Directory researchers to set up telephone interviews with key lawyers from your firm
  • Monitoring when references will be contacted and advising you of the same – enabling you to follow up the references and improve the response rate. This is key as references are the single most important factor most Directories take into account in allocating rankings
  • Coaching personnel ahead of Legal Directory interviews so you can ensure you get key points across in order to maximise the opportunity
  • Following up with Legal Directories to establish whether they require any additional information
  • Obtaining feedback from the Legal Directories on the rankings when they are published to help constantly improve and tailor future submissions.

Our Approach

Our highly experienced team, with their extensive legal background, run our Legal Directory Solution through a unique case management system. Our approach enables us to deliver a comprehensive, time- and cost-efficient service that:

  • Closely monitors deadlines
  • Generates initial drafts of submissions and standard documentation – saving hours of time for your lawyers;
  • Records and retains a full record of a law firm’s:
    • Rankings and editorial during the period when we are working for them
    • Work Highlights.

We also provide advice and guidance on the key elements involved in Legal Directory submissions throughout the process, taking into account current best practice. To assist, we provide clients with a series of detailed and key point summary guidance notes (e.g. Guidance on References). We also support clients on a daily basis with a range of queries they may have about Legal Directories.

Our Directory Submissions Team has over 50 years’ experience between them working in and for the legal profession so they understand the pressures lawyers face. By using their expertise, you can maximise the chances of your legal submission providing the coverage you deserve whilst freeing up valuable in-house resources.

How We Charge

We believe in making our pricing fair and transparent and tailor it accordingly, depending on the requirements of your law firm.

Our pricing structure is generally made up of two key elements:

  • an annual retainer (which will vary depending on which Solutions package you opt for)
  • a success fee for each new/improved Legal Directory ranking of a firm or individual member.

Why we charge a success fee – we’re in this together.

We charge a success fee as we can think of no clearer way to demonstrate that we are in this together.

We should stress however that we do not have a magic wand. As all the Legal Directories will acknowledge, there is often room for a law firm to improve its rankings by better delivering the process outlined above and in particular by improving the quality of the information given to the researchers. Ours is a collaborative approach, with success dependant on the quality of the information our clients provide us in a timely manner.

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