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International Business Builder – Grow Your Business And Your Profitability

 Although Legal Directory rankings help law firms demonstrate their credibility to undertake international work, they represent only one piece of the jigsaw that will help you build your international profile and grow your share of international business. To attract instructions from international law firms, in-house counsel and the national operations of global and cross border companies a law firm needs to:

  • Build an international profile and position itself as a leading provider of legal services in its jurisdiction
  • Communicate its strengths, experience and distinctiveness to global audiences
  • Develop and build relationships with major legal services buyers.

We have been helping independent firms achieve these objectives since 2005.

We have an in-depth understanding of international audiences, their stakeholders and the media channels that influence their decision making. Our focus is on helping our clients grow while protecting and enhancing their international reputations. We plan and execute differentiated international business growth campaigns using a full range of media including, advertising, sponsorship, PR, article placement, conference opportunities, Awards and Directory submissions.

International Business Builder Solution

Raising your firm’s international profile and increasing the volume of international instructions you receive can be a daunting, time-consuming and expensive task.

The ILFS International Business Builder solution leverages our extensive experience and exhaustive knowledge in helping firms grow their international business and make their firm more successful and profitable.

The solution offers a range of services that can either be provided individually or as a package. These include:

Strategic Review & Business Development Plan

It is not uncommon for law firms to find that the scope and structure of their marketing support is no longer unaligned with the business needs of the firm. This can bring challenges as resources and budgets are stretched to cope with new practice areas and sectors, and market positioning may not accurately reflect the firm’s true capabilities.

ILFS can carry out a strategic independent review of your law firm’s current marketing and business development strategy. We do this by conducting a quick survey with key lawyers, in-house marketing teams (and, if requested, interested third parties) to assess and evaluate current marketing and business development activities across the firm. We also consider market trends and the activity of the competition to help evaluate a firm’s current market positioning and campaign effectiveness.

Following this review, we provide analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing marketing and business development strategy and make recommendations regarding a wide range of key factors including market positioning, targeting, budgets, resources and campaign activity, advising on where improvements could be made. 

Benefits to you:

  • An independent assessment of your marketing and business development plans
  • A clear firm positioning and prospect targeting strategy
  • A coordinated and consistent approach to marketing and business development
  • Proposals for new and innovative ways to promote a practice group or new service
  • Budget and return on investment reviews
  • Monitoring and feedback mechanisms.


Awards can greatly assist in building your lawyers and firm profile - instilling confidence and trust. Like Legal Directory rankings, they provide an independent endorsement of your skills and expertise. Even just being shortlisted for an Award can help boost your reputation and provide an indication of quality to potential clients. Awards can also have a very positive impact beyond the legal sector and the marketing benefit from being able to use nominations and wins on your website can be significant.

Our experienced team can identify the Awards and categories which are relevant to you, draft high-quality entries, and maximise the associated commercial opportunities. Our service includes:

  • Researching and identifying the right Awards for your business objectives
  • Monitoring deadlines and managing the Awards entry process
  • Researching Awards, previous entries and results, judges etc to give you the best chance of tailoring a winning entry
  • Developing persuasive content for your Award entry, highlighting your key strengths and compiling supporting materials to give your submission validity
  • Helping you re-purpose previous award entries, saving you time and effort and getting the maximum return for your efforts.

Media Buying & Support

We work with law firms all over the world helping them make informed media buying decisions so as to deliver effective international advertising and sponsorship campaigns and thereby build their international business. We help our clients choose the best media for them from a variety of international, national, sector and trade press, broadcast media and online platforms.

Our Media Buying Service includes:

  • Advising on the merits of any international legal media product that is offered to you or that you are considering buying
  • Negotiating significant discounts on any legal media product that you wish to buy. Products are purchased at the most competitive prices using our special rate arrangements with the main legal publishers to achieve 10%, 25% and sometimes even 50+% discounts off their list prices which we pass onto you
  • Giving you the opportunity to participate at favourable discounted rates in ILFS bulk buying deals
  • Helping you decide between online and offline opportunities (or a combination of both)
  • Placing display advertising and advertorials in the most effective media
  • Benefits to you:
    • You will have a planned and effective media strategy
    • You will save time and your media budget will go further
    • You will stop buying reactively
    • Your marketing decisions will be better informed
    • You will avoid the hassle of negotiation
    • You will avoid poor choices.

Content & Distribution Strategy

Current trends in content marketing and public relations demand new ways of connecting with your target audience and building brand trust to generate business leads. We work with law firms to develop their Content Strategy and communicate key messages in the international press that will help define their market position and help promote international business growth.

  • We can help identify a firm’s unique selling points and newsworthy issues to get media coverage in the international press e.g. new partner appointments, new offices and significant deals
  • We have connections and processes in place to ensure that content is efficiently distributed across multiple platforms in the relevant press, broadcast and online media
  • We can draft and proof written materials such as press releases and articles so that they are in clear business English.

Conference Planning & Support

Attending or participating in Conferences and Events is an excellent way to build your international profile, expand your network and hopefully learn about best practice. However, with the plethora of legal conferences, events, seminars and forums round the world it can be hard to identify which are the ones you should be attending to make the most of your time and budget.

If you attend an event only to find the audience profile doesn’t match your target market, and add to that the lost fee earning time and travel/ accommodation costs, it can suddenly be a very expensive way to waste your time.

ILFS works with law firms to help them build a conference strategy that enables them to identify the key conferences and events that:

  • are attended by key target audiences
  • will give them the opportunity to raise their profile
  • will enable them to reinforce existing relationships and establish new contacts that can help build their international business network.

Services include:

  • Identifying events and conferences that will provide the best return on investment
  • Arranging opportunities to make presentations or sit on speaker panels to raise profiles and showcase expertise
  • Setting up meetings in advance with key targets attending the event to help establish business relationships and expand networks
  • Negotiating advertising and sponsorship packages to raise awareness and support marketing campaigns
  • Leveraging all business development opportunities before, during and after the event.

Relationship Building Programs/Roadshows

One of the best ways to build new relationships with prospective clients is to participate in well planned roadshows to get you in front of the right people. We normally build our roadshows when clients are visiting a foreign city or attending a conference and wish to set up a series of meetings with local and international law firms, in-house counsel and potential clients. We will consult with you about your target market and undertake analysis and research to draw up and agree a shortlist of targets.

Face to face meetings are a key way to

  • Build relationships with decision-makers at key firms
  • Build awareness of your firm and specialist services
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

Networks & Associations 

Joining an international network or association can help a law firm raise its global profile, make useful contacts and encourage new instructions. However, it is important to choose the right one for your firm so you can ensure you get good cultural fit and a return on your investment both in time and money.

We can research and identify the most appropriate international networks and/or associations for your law firm, analysing how they work, reporting on their membership profile and obtaining feedback from any member firms we may know. Once we have found the best option for you, we can approach them on your behalf and provide guidance on how to get the best out of your membership.

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