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brL Avocats Case Study

“We had reached a stage in our development where we wanted to grow our international business and ILFS was recommended to us. Two things immediately struck me about ILFS. Firstly they had come across all the challenges that we were facing before – and had thought through the various solutions to them. Secondly, they understood lawyers. Four years on we have not been disappointed, our international practice and profile have grown considerably and ILFS have played a major part in that.”

Commercial Imperative

brL Avocats was a relatively new and growing niche employment law firm but it wanted to raise its international profile and establish credibility abroad.



ILFS initially worked with brL to help develop their international business growth strategy and decide how Legal Directories, roadshows and international networks fitted as part of that plan.

The firm was not listed in either Legal 500 or Chambers and wanted the third-party endorsement of a Legal Directory to help establish credibility with new clients. We worked with brL’s attorneys to develop their submission strategy and help draft work highlights and lawyer profiles for the key Legal Directories.

ILFS arranged roadshows focussed on London employment teams with significant international practice to help generate referrals. We also looked into the best ways to help generate referrals through Associations and international networks.


The Result


brL were not ranked in any of the Legal Directories when ILFS started working with them but achieved a ranking after their first submission to Legal 500 and after their second submission to Chambers Directory. They have continued to improve their legal rankings year on year.

ILFS roadshows have also opened up international opportunities for brL and this has led to international firms referring work to them. brL has joined the European Lawyers Association and ABA to expand their network and ILFS has advised on the best way to make the most of those memberships.