ILFS Website Development

Over recent years websites have become a law firm’s most important marketing tool and we are frequently asked by our clients to advise on their website content and design. To help meet their needs we have entered a co-operation arrangement with Conscious Solutions whose main service is called ConsciousLaw - a sophisticated suite of integrated technology, content, and marketing services for building and operating websites just for law firms.

To date, Conscious Solutions have designed over 200 law firm websites around the world that have the 'ConsciousLaw' system which includes powerful tools that will allow you to :

  • Manage your site from your desktop with no expensive per hour maintenance contract
  • Develop and distribute high quality e-marketing newsletters and alerts to a target audience
  • Easily optimise your website for the search engines, Google in particular
  • Use your website as a powerful email marketing tool to send alerts and newsletters to your clients and prospect
  • Take online credit card payments if required
  • Provide a secure client extranet

We can give Conscious no greater accolade than we used them to design our own site. To view some of the websites Conscious have designed visit their website at

For further information

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